5 Common Video Production Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

5 Common Video Production Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

In the world of video marketing, there is no room for error. Marketers are expected to produce videos that are flawless and creative without any mistakes. Mistakes can mean deadlines take longer and because of this the margin for error is minimal.

So before producing your own marketing video there are some common mistakes you should avoid to help ensure a high-quality video that will speak to the masses.

Too Many Topics

You want to avoid having too many topics stuffed all into one video. This will confuse your audience and not allow them to grasp the concept you are trying to go for. While you may have a few different features in the product that you are trying to sell, it doesn’t mean that you must ty to talk about all of them in one video. There are many wonderful video production companies out there that do a great job creating videos that get to the point. It would be wise to look at some successful video production companies videos to get some inspiration.

Avoid Flashy Graphics

While having a CGI affect to your marketing video may seem like a cool idea, it may not tell the story you are going for in the most effective way. Your audience will be distracted by the flashy effects instead of the message you are trying to get out to them.

Too Slow Paced

You want to avoid filming your video in a too fast ace, but also a too slow pace. When your video is long and drawn out, the audience will get bored and miss the point of what the video was going for in the first place. It’s best to try to keep your videos within 2-3 minutes, many videographers admit that the audience tends to get bored around the 3-minute mark.

Don’t Rush Your Editing

Try to make sure you take your time throughout the editing process. Deadlines can sometimes make this difficult and you seem to be forced to rush your editing. It’s important however to try to take your time to ensure you are doing a thorough job, otherwise a rushed job will show.

Complicated Subject

When you have a subject in your video that is way too complicated your viewers are going to be put off by it. You want to think about the idea of the video from a viewer’s point of view. If you are put off by the subject, then chances are they will be too. If you want to tackle a hard subject, it is best to find a concise way of conveying your message.


Once you are familiar with the common mistakes that can be made in video production, you can learn how to best avoid them. By learning what NOT to do, you can learn through trial and error what you should be doing. You want to sell a product with the marketing videos you are producing, so speaking to the audience and the customers is the way to do this. Remember, one of the first most important steps when you are trying to produce a good quality video is to put yourself in the shoes of the consumer. This is the best way to learn what will they will be attracted to.